Lumber Tarps

At Pacific Canvas we keep 4', 6', and 8' Drop (Black) Lumber Tarps in stock at all times.  We also can make any size and color tarp you need with any configuration of D-Rings and Grommet spacing.  6' Drop Lumber Tarps with 3' Extensions are also becoming a more sought out item.  Cuts down the weight for the smaller loads, and convenience of having both a 6' or 9' drop with only needing to clip the extensions on.  

Standard Configuration of a 8' Drop.  Our flaps are butt and top stitched with a double needle, and D-rings are also sewn on with a double needle and back stitched to add reinforcement.  1.5" Poly Webbing also sewn over the top of D-Rings.  Variety of colors for Vinyl and Webbing possible,  as well as custom stenciling can easily be added to your tarps.